Interview with Entrepreneur and Founder Cinnamon Morrissey

BrisbaneEveryMite founder Cinnamon Morrissey is mum. Cinnamon started EveryMite in her own kitchen three years ago for William. Cinnamon has since launched EveryOrganics’ with the goal of to making life easier for people with a food allergy or intolerance to help you and your loved ones “smile every day”.

1. Tell the audience about your journey to launch EveryOrganics after Such success with EveryMite.

EveryMite has been a wonderful experience for me. I’m so proud. However, it is just one of my home-made products that is (I believe) delicious and helps our daily lives. I am able to share more beautiful products that we make at home through EveryOrganics with my family.

I’ve found that healthy and nutritious foods and products have been vital to my child’s health and well-being.

Since he was fed clean foods right from the beginning, he is able to eat nearly everything I offer him. But I understand the struggle that many parents face in trying to change their family’s diet from one that is high-processed.

That’s why I believe that my new range is so important, as it is clean, wholesome, quality products that you can add to your everyday diet to give it a bit more extra taste and nutrition.

Next year, the range will expand with more delicious food products. Also, I’ll be expanding and updating my home and body products.

2. As an entrepreneur, what are your passions?

  • Educating families on what is ‘real food’ and seeing more children being raised on a cleaner diet as a result. And;
  • Every day, I make it easier for families to transition to healthy foods that are additive-free by sharing my products to as many people possible.

3. Which EveryOrganics recipe do you believe everyone should try?

You can find so many delicious recipes on my website that have been made by community members.

It’s a great way to use my smoked products.

I used to never use salt or pepper in my salads until recently. Since then, I’ve been adding our smoked salt to every salad and using some of the smoked oil as the dressing. These salads are amazing!

Also, I fry some chicken and tofu with camel milk halosumi. It’s amazing when I add it while the salad is still warm.

4. Do you have any advice for those who want to get into the organic/health food space?

Start small.

Each step along the way I have been very cautious as I didn’t know what I was doing (and still don’t sometimes!!). I needed to make sure that every decision was the right one, and if it wasn’t- that there would not be a significant issue as a result, like someone getting ill due to getting something wrong with the product, or us losing money because I had to pull stock off shelves etc if something was not done right.

 Be confident in your abilities

When I started my business as a woman, it was often said that I wouldn’t succeed.

I have, and I am, and it’s the best thing I ever did.

EveryOrganics is a great product that I am excited to share with others.

It’s true that we eat our smoked products daily at home. Seeing others enjoying them also makes me smile.

5. Which trend do you think will dominate your industry in 2022?

I don’t follow trends. What tastes and feels good to me is what I do.

Given the current climate, I think that healthy and clean foods to boost immunity might be an area of focus.


Interview with Cinnamon, Entrepreneur and Founder Cinnamon Morsey originally appeared on Enterprise Podcast Network (EPN).

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