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Jurgen Cautreels: How To Start A New Career As An Internet Marketer

Internet Marketers are increasingly in demand in this digital age and time. This has made a career choice in internet marketing a lucrative option for many people. If you wish to start a new career as an Internet marketer, you don’t need to search further for information.

Jurgen Cautreels is an Investor, Marketing Pro, and NFT Expert who loves to share his knowledge with other marketers to help them with their careers. Jurgen Cautreels has outlined everything you need to know about starting a new career in Internet marketing.

Is Internet Marketing The Same As Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing and Internet marketing are somewhat different, although Internet marketing is a subset of Digital marketing. The significant difference is that Internet marketing promotes your brand, products or services that require an Internet connection.

In comparison, digital marketing entails the same but using the Internet and other digital means of communication, including multimedia messages and text.

In summary, Internet marketing requires you to promote online, while digital marketing is done with digital technology, both online and offline.

How To Start A New Career In Internet Marketing

Understand The Concept Of Internet Marketing
The first step to starting a career in anything is understanding it. Understanding its concept and diversification will help you figure out what you wish to pursue and how to do it.

Internet marketing covers many other ideas, such as email marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, content marketing, video marketing, search engine marketing, mobile marketing, etc. You need to understand this to specialize in one or two areas, especially as a beginner.

Build Your Search Engine Optimization Skills
Internet marketing is nothing without search engine optimization. SEO allows you to create websites and content that resonate with the search engine and, in turn, your audience for more visibility, reach and awareness.

Thus, to have a successful career in Internet marketing, you first have to learn search engine optimization.

Create A Website

Creating your website is a practical way to learn and improve your Internet marketing skills. Internet marketing is not theoretical and requires application, practice and measurement to improve like any jobs.

Having your website allows you to test and proof strategies and techniques. It can also be a part of your portfolio to show your ability.

Learn Google Analytics
The most important aspect of Internet marketing is measuring your efforts. Google Analytics helps you do this effectively, so it is pertinent for any successful Internet marketer to master it.

Make Use Of The Available Tools
There are a lot of tools that make working as an Internet marketer a lot simpler, so don’t hesitate to use such tools.

Keep Learning
Take courses on Internet marketing, read books, practice and learn at your pace. Internet trends change from time to time, so as an Internet marketer, you have to keep up with these trends.

You also have to gain as much experience as possible; the fastest way to do this is to learn from the experience of others. The most important thing is that you never stop learning.

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