Kiki Milk, the first organic plant milk for kids

Lauren Abelin and Alex Abelin founded PlantBaby. Their first product Kiki Milk was launched in 2007. Enterprise Radio is joined by Lauren Abelin and Alex Abelin.

Pay attention to host Eric Dye & guests Alex and Lauren Abelin discuss the following:

  1. Please tell us about PlantBaby, Kiki Milk, and how it all started.
  2. Kiki Milk is different from all other CPGs made of plant-based ingredients.
  3. Do you have any advice for entrepreneurs or brands looking to connect with consumers or create a positive experience?
  4. How have you found out about starting your own business along with your partner?
  5. Kiki Milk has found a way to help solve a major need – what’s next for the company?

Alex Abelin Bio Alex Abelin, Co-Founder Kiki MIlk
Alex Abelin, an innovator, optimist and connector, is a perennial optimist. Abelin has the rare ability to see big visions through and make them come to fruition. He has founded three companies in diverse categories: PlantBaby in food & beverage; LQD WiFi in communications; LiquidTalent in technology. His seven-year tenure was spent at Google. He also worked two years with Verizon Smart Cities as it acquired LQD WiFi. He’s a proud alumnus of UC Berkeley and has called California, New York, and Hawaii home. As a new Dad, Alex is working harder and smarter than ever to make tomorrow’s world better for his son’s generation.
Lauren Abelin Bio: Lauren Abelin, Co-Founder Kiki MIlk
Lauren dedicates her entire life to developing solutions that are human-centered to issues that impact mental and bodily well-being. As an emotional learning specialist for schools, she implemented programs that helped hundreds of thousands of students learn how to manage stress. Her 10+ years of experience in the field and her own healing journey managing a chronic illness have inspired her to address the issue of toxicity in our food and the state of children’s health. After the birth of their son, she co-founded PlantBaby with her husband and founded Kiki Milk. Her mission is to empower others on their path to mind-body wisdom and healthier living. Lauren is a mother and has the experience of designing products and a healthy nutrition background.


PlantBaby is an innovative nutrition movement that develops a variety of plant-based products, beverages and formulas to help children in their journey through life. PlantBaby was founded in 2020 in Kauai (Hawaii). It is committed to creating harmony in the food system and agriculture systems through regenerative farming and sustainable sourcing. PlantBaby is proud to partner with Farmer’s Footprint and Planet FWD, two organizations committed to building a healthier Planet Earth.

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