Payroll Services Explained: Here’s Your A-Z Guide

You will need to have a payroll in order to pay your employees if you own a business. TodayMany companies choose to work with one another. LeasingIt makes it easier and more user-friendly than sending them individual payments.

If you don’tLearn how payroll services work.Don’t worry. We will tell you all you need and recommend some companies for you to start with. Continue reading to find out more. 

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What’s a payroll service?

The term “payroll company” refers to an entity that processes your payroll, including year-end taxes and payroll statements. But that’s not all. If you decide to partner with a payroll service provider that offers full-service, it will be a great choice. brinepayroll.chYou also have access to services such as withholding, withdrawals, benefits, reporting on new hires, garnishments and pay-gap. 

Payroll systems make it easy to pay all types of employees. This includes freelancers and full-time workers. A payroll company allows you to concentrate on core business services and leaves the details of staff pay to professionals.

Are There Other Options for Payroll at Your Disposal

Hiring a payroll service provider has many advantages but it’s not the only option. Here are other methods of payment:


This is a good option for a company with many employees. You hire an intern accounting department to manage your payroll. The advantage to this method is that the accounting staff is already familiar with your business and understands its values and culture. The department can adapt to your company’s growth. If you have a last minute change, an in-house team is always available.


A bookkeeper’s job is to prepare your books and keep track of your finances. This method works well for smaller and mid-sized companies with fewer employees. The bookkeeper can be an employee or a client.

Online payroll

You might be interested in handling your payroll yourself. There are many online payroll services you could use if that is your preference. The downside is that you need to enter all of the information and then process your payroll. This option is cost-effective and can save you money.


The only difference between payroll software and an online service is that all of the information must be input by you. You can save time by using automated features instead of manually processing everything. This approach has the downside that you will need to keep it updated in addition to purchasing it. Double-checking the results is necessary to ensure there are no mistakes. 

Online Payroll Services offers what services?

Cloud-based online payroll services have a main advantage. Online payroll services are cloud-based, which means business owners don’t need to install any program or maintain software. You can also manage your payroll online from any location. Online payroll services can be used for both part-time or full-time employee payments. These services are also useful in contract and freelance work. These are just a few of the online payroll services:

Processing payroll

Online payroll services are primarily responsible for calculating the pay amount each employee owes in every pay period. You can account for pay rates, holidays, tax, benefits, taxes, shift differential and wage rates. Then, employees are paid via direct deposit, prepaid cards, and paper checks. 

Payroll tax filing and payments

Online payroll service can withhold taxes from employees, report on payroll tax, and pay the tax withholdings to appropriate state, federal or local authorities. You can also use the services You can generate W-2 or year-end 1099 forms. A few services offer an error-free guarantee, while others go one step further. The payroll company is responsible for correcting any errors and paying all fines or interest. 

New-hire reporting

One common feature of many online payroll services allows you to inform the government of any new employees.


The cloud-based payroll service syncs with other payroll-related software that companies already use. These programs include accounting software, time- and attendance management systems, as well as HR systems.

Administration of the PTO

Most online payroll providers offered PTO (paid time-off) management. This is done by keeping track of how many vacations and sick-off-hours you have earned. 

Self-service for employees

Here employees can log in to access the system to view their pay stubs. Employees can view their year-end tax returns and PTO in real time. 

Mobile Access

Numerous online payroll companies offer mobile-friendly apps or websites that let you manage and run your payroll from your smartphone or other digital devices.

Payroll reports

For smooth operations of your business, it is vital to have detailed labor and wage records. You can gain insight into how the business runs. 

Online payroll systems offer a number of benefits, including the ability to complete your payroll work. You can easily complete your payroll taxes, calculate payroll, and fill out year-end tax forms. You can run your payroll within a matter of minutes. 

However, online payroll services can have serious drawbacks. They are often more costly than managing your own payroll. It is also up to the payroll service provider for everything to be done correctly. You could be fined if your provider makes a mistake. 


You can now focus your time on your core business functions by outsourcing your payroll. A good company such as can help you access the expertise and technology that is available to you if you were to manage your own payroll. It is also cheaper since you don’t have to pay for costly software and upgrades. 

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