Powell says taming inflation ‘absolutely essential,’ and a 50 basis point hike possible for May

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome PowellAccording to the central bank, they are determined to reduce inflation. They also stated that rate increases could be possible within the next month.

Powell stated that it was appropriate to move a bit faster to increase interest rates while he was part of an International Monetary Fund panel, moderated by Sara Eisen at CNBC. It is also possible to front-load any type of accommodation that one considers suitable. … I believe 50 basis points will be available for May’s meeting.

Market expectations are that Powell will announce that the Fed will not continue to hike its 25-basis point rate and that it will move faster to control inflation. fastest pace in more than 40 years. Basis points equal 0.01 percent point.

Powell did however mention that rates were being priced in a more aggressive way.

According to The, the expectation for a move of 50 basis points in May was 97.6%. CME Group’s FedWatch Tool. A trader also predicted an equivalent hike in year-end that would raise the fed funds interest rate to 2.75%. The Fed funds rate sets overnight borrowing levels for banks and is linked to many consumer loans instruments.

The Dow industrials fell as well, as stocks also dropped. down more than 400 pointsThe Nasdaq with its tech-sensitive rate stocks was also lower than 2%. Treasury yields have risen, the benchmark 10-year note being at 2.9%.

At the March meeting, Fed approved a 25 basis point moveOfficials have recently stated they were not sure. see a need to move more quicklyConsumer inflation is running at 8.5% per year.

Powell explained that Powell’s goal is to “use our tools to get supply and demand back in line, so that inflation does not slow down to the point of a recession.” It’s unlikely that anyone at Fed would say this is going to be easy. It will be extremely difficult. “We’re going all out to achieve that.”

He added, “It’s essential to restore the price stability.” Price stability is essential for economic success.

Although inflation had been well above the Fed’s target of 2% for a longer time, the Fed refused to raise rates beyond 2021. A policy framework adopted in late 2020The Fed stated that it was content to allow inflation to run higher than usual in order for full employment, which is inclusive of income, race, and gender.

Powell and Fed officials believed that inflation would disappear as soon as it was stopped, even though they were insisting on this fact for months. Covid pandemicFactors such as congestion in supply chains and a large demand for services over goods influenced the decline. Powell acknowledged that those expectations had been “disappointed,” and therefore the Fed must change its direction.

“It could be that the actual [inflation]He said that peak occurred in March. But, we do not know this so we won’t be counting on it. “If necessary, we will be increasing rates to get to more neutral levels and tightening the rest of our portfolio.

These are Powell’s final remarks prior to the Federal Open Market Committee meeting on May 3-4, where interest rates will be set. This is Powell’s latest statement as a Fed official. rapid action is neededTo bring down inflation.

In addition to increasing rates, the Fed may soon begin to reduce its holdings of bonds. The current balance sheet of central banks is close to $9 trillion. Most of it is comprised of Treasurys, mortgage-backed securities and other Treasurys.

At the March meeting, discussions indicated that Fed would eventually take over will allow $95 billion of proceedsTo roll-off maturing bonds every month

Powell pointed out that other than the pernicious inflation, America’s economy was “very strong” elsewhere. Powell described the current labor market as being “extremely tight” historically.

He made a reference to former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker earlier in the day. Volcker was a man who battled inflation during the 1970s and 1980s, when he introduced a number of rate increases that eventually led to recession. Powell stated that Volcker knew that he needed to keep the pace in order to control inflation and to heal the economy.

In the end, Volcker Fed raised the benchmark rate by nearly 20%. It currently hovers between 0.25 and 0.50%.

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