Powerful Ways Entrepreneurs Can Give Back to Their Communities

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Author: Larry “Coop” D. Veal, author, social entrepreneur, youth advocate, professional comedian and founder of Do More Good

Sometimes we are inspired by the things that make us who we are to give back. I got expelled from school after having issues with other gang members in my previous life. It was my prayer that God would help me to leave behind those past issues and allow me to use my life for the benefit of other children going through similar experiences. In Fulton County Georgia, I was a Juvenile Court Probation Officer. I witnessed many children Be More Positive. Services and resources are provided for parents, educators, leaders, and children. They promote anger-management and conflict resolution as well as strong mental health.

Giving back to the community is part of my job. However, not all entrepreneurs can do it as part of their day. If we consider the amount of financial resources businesses have available to donate to their communities, then our minds may jump to food vendors who are donating to fundraisers. Even if you don’t have a consumable service, you can give back in a way that makes sense for you and your business. Offer community workshops on what you’re skilled in. Offer a consultation at a discount for community projects

Connect with us

Although we may not always have the right solution for our communities, it is possible that someone in our community could. Reach out to local leaders if you are aware of someone who could help with an issue in your area.

You can create a place where people can meet

Maybe you’re not available regularly to directly engage with others, but you can help create a space where those connections can happen. Hosting people is a great way to create a place where they can interact and meet one another.

Most importantly, listen

The key to listening is understanding the community’s needs. We can come up with strategies of how we’re going to give back to our community — but if it’s ignoring the actual needs of the community, we’re not listening and providing what they need. Ask your leaders and members of the community. Find out what’s really needed in your local community and find a way that you can give back to address it.

These are only a few of the many ways that you can give back to your community. Don’t hesitate to share your passion with others – it can uplift individuals and inspire positive change.

Entrepreneurs can give back to their communities in powerful ways, originally appeared on Entrepreneurship Live.

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