Results-driven Marketing Solutions with Karee Laing

Enterprise Radio is joined by Karee Laing (CEO of the award-winning branding agency Studio Brand Collective) in Houston.

Hear to host Eric Dye & guest Karee Laing discuss the following:

  1. Could you briefly tell our audience about your life and the inspiration behind Studio Brand Collective?
  2. How did you conquer the obstacles and challenges that came your way in your journey to entrepreneurship?
  3. Have you got any advice for entrepreneurs who want to pursue their dreams?
  4. Studio Brand Collective is different from all other marketing and branding agencies. What’s the secret sauce?
  5. Are there any additional insights, tips or suggestions you would like to share with the audience?
  6. If they have a need for branding, how can we help them contact us?

Karee is the Principal and Chief Executive Officer of Studio Brand (SB),  a Houston headquartered design + digital marketing agency. With offices in Houston and Detroit,  Studio Brand focuses on providing  results-driven marketing solutions to businesses in the restaurant/hospitality, government, and professional services industry. Houston Business Journal named Karee one of their Top 40 Leaders Under 40, and as a Woman Who Means Business in the last several years.  She is a Goldman Sachs 10K Small Business Scholar and listed as one of Digital World’s Top 50 Most Influential People in Marketing.


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