Richard DeVaul Talks Innovation Consulting, Deep Fakes, and Building a Better World

Richard DeVaul is a thought leader in innovation, a consulting CTO and the founder of HyperSolve. He joins Enterprise Radio for a discussion about innovation consulting, deep fauxs and creating a better world.

Pay attention to host Eric Dye & guest Richard DeVaul discuss the following:

  1. Is innovation something you would define?
  2. What would you say separates organizations that successfully innovate from those that do not?
  3. You’ve written about the dangers of deep fakes. Please elaborate.
  4. Cryptocurrency has made a resurgence over the last few years. You can compare cryptocurrency’s rise to the dot-com boom.
  5. You’ve worked on problems to build a better world, such as climate change and closing the digital divide. What’s a current problem you’re working on to continue to build a better world?

Conclusion: Before you design a product, you need to design the org. And without genuine, visionary leadership in each product team, you won’t inspire greatness. And C-level/VP leadership needs to defend the independence of product team leaders so that real innovation isn’t stifled by org politics and empire-building.

Richard DeVaul (consulting CTO and innovation think leader) is founder of HyperSolve. Previously, he was responsible for the early stages of innovation at X (formerly Google). [X]Project Loon was one of his many projects. Foghorn, an investigation into carbon neutral synthetic fuels and Calcifer into the next generation of airships were also led by him. His work covers topics such as low-cost, clean water, food, grid-scale energy storage, robotics, advanced machine-learning, climate change, and providing safe, affordable, healthy drinking water in developing countries. Rich was part of X’s executive leadership team and also dealt with issues of X governance, strategy, and organizational change. Rich is listed on 73 US Patents as an inventor.

Prior to joining X in 2011, he worked in technology advancement at Apple, leading Apple’s Technology Advancement Team, investigating new technologies, features and approaches.

Rich is a graduate of M.S. A M.S. in Environmental Design from Texas A&M University, Rich also holds a Ph.D. degree and a B.A. in Environmental Design from Texas A&M University.


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