The Counterintuitive Reason You’re Spinning Your Wheels in Business

Whenever you’re looking to reach a goal in your life, especially if that’s building your own business, there’s one piece of advice you hear over and over again. You must have a ‘why’ that keeps you going when things get tough. And that’s good advice…but it’s incomplete. It’s hard to pick just one. Why—no matter how compelling it may seem—isn’t enough to carry you through when things get tough. And they are going to get tough (that’s an inevitability!)  You can hang the success of your dream big on one WhyThis is the path to failure.

The Single Why?Problem

Problem with one why is that it’s sneaky. It’s not readily apparent that the Why you’ve chosen can’t hold up to the stress that comes with being a business owner because the WhyIt is not complete. And let’s be honest—there’s more anxiety and fear in the entrepreneurial journey than anyone realizes before embarking on this path. It’s one of those things that you can’t truly understand until you’ve lived through it.

All How did you do it?You are not specific enough. Concentrating your efforts on Why generally on things like financial freedom, becoming a millionaire, or giving your children more than you had can’t hold up to the pressure of the journey. They’re not specific and tangible enough to keep you going when the challenge is so clear and in your face. Your goal must be to make it happen. Why specific. Get specific about your WhyAllow yourself to imagine the scene and feel the emotion.

WhyThis is how it looks:

  • To buy my mountain house, I will be hosting Christmas for our entire family every year. This means baking cookies, going on sledding, and making sure we are all surrounded by grandkids so that they can take as many pictures as necessary to recall it all.
  • With this, I am able to walk to the store to buy any item without the need to triple-check my account. Instead of worrying about my finances, I just slide my card to the register and feel more at ease than sitting by the ocean.
  • It allows me to spend two hours every morning alone, to connect to my Higher Power and to feel grounded and ready to face the day. My rules are my own.

Your detail is more important. WhyThe more persuasive it is, the better. But you’re not done yet.

A compelling message is key. Why is great—and it’s much stronger than a flat, one-dimensional, wrote-it-in-five-seconds-at-a-conference Why. You may need to have more than one. Why.

“When you know your why, you’ll know your way.” – Michael Hyatt

Six Dimensions Why™

One WhyYou can never have enough of a positive change to create incredible things in your own life. Only one WhyIt is not strong enough to support amazing dreams. And let’s face it, if you’re reading this, chances are your dreams are big, bold, and some may even say a little crazy. The journey to realize your dream will take you farther than it seems.

This means that there may be moments when you feel so stressed, anxious or frustrated that it is difficult to focus on your goals. WhyUnder pressure, you can easily collapse. You can collapse under the pressure if you find it more urgent than your present. WhyThe pain of the now is what will triumph over you WhyEvery time. You might find yourself saying things such as:

  • “I want time freedom, but it seems too hard—so just let me get a job.” 
  • “I want to create this for my kids, but right now, I want to sell those kids to a circus.”
  • “I want to publish a book to leave a legacy, but I never seem to have any time. So I may as well pack that dream away.”

You can’t have what you want, but the pain of not having it must be worse than your pain at achieving your goals. That’s Why the Six-dimensional why™They will be your safety net and help you catch up if things become difficult. Six Dimensions Why™Keep the fear of missing what you desire in front of you to motivate you. Here’s why it works so well.

It is a six-dimensional approach You might be wondering why™You don’t need to be reliant on one vision of motivation. It is easy to see the impact of your goal. Each area of your life. If one WhyIf one of the dimensions falls, the other dimension picks up the pieces. They are:

  • Financial
  • Emotional
  • Mental 
  • Physical
  • Social 
  • Spiritual

These Why is this important?This is what it might look like

  • Financial: So I can pay off my student loans in the next three years, and then put all of that money toward an investment account for my kids so that when they graduate college, they’re set up for a successful start. 
  • EmotionalThis is how I finally feel able to go into a bookstore. The center shelf has my books. Passersby can pick up their copy and bring it along with them to the check-out counter. 
  • Mental: I now hear the ping on my phone and don’t feel anxious. Instead, I am able to be calm and expand my life knowing that it was an additional sales message. 
  • Physical: So I can go to my high school reunion wearing my favorite dress and red bottom shoes, hearing people tell me how I’ve barely aged (hair toss). 
  • Social: So I can take my kids and my parents to Disney World twice a year for a week or two at a time, so we can fully take in the experience and eat at Cinderella’s castle instead of hitting up the food carts.
    Spiritual: This allows me to see my life in the end and be able to say that I lived up to my vision.

Write out six dimensions. Why™You should feel its power through your entire body. Every one of these should trigger an emotion in you that motivates you to achieve your goals. You will be able to face any challenge with six times the strength of your goals. The right approach to crafting the right WhyIt will make all the difference for your success and resilience. Make the effort to create your Six-dimensional plan. You might be wondering why™.

The post The Counterintuitive Reason You’re Spinning Your Wheels in Business first appeared on Addicted 2 Success.

The post The Counterintuitive Reason You’re Spinning Your Wheels in Business appeared first on Addicted 2 Success.

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