The Creative Tools That Can Help Your Business to Thrive

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Certain businesses will have a hard time getting through 2020 and beyond, both financially and in terms of growth and expansion.

It is important to evaluate the impact of coronavirus against all the challenges businesses continue to face, as well as the many strategies and tools available that will drive success commercially in the digital age.

In this post, we’ll look at the best creative tools for firms in 2021 and beyond, especially if they intend to thrive, grow and scale over time. 

#1. Squarespace and similar web management tools

Your business’s website is a critical component of digital transformation. It must be easy to use, navigable, and load quickly.

Google suggests that landing pages for sales or customer service load within two seconds. Otherwise, you run the risk to lose customers and bounce rates increase.

Squarespace is a website management tool that offers a single-stop shop and many management features. These include domain acquisition and hosting in design.

You can find many tools like this one. The key to finding the right option for you is to look at the marketplace.

#2. 2. Loyalty Programmes

From a commercial perspective, it’s widely thought that increasing your customer retention rate by 5% can boost profitability by as much as 95%. It’s just one benefit of creating loyalty programs, which are used widely by corporations such as Starbucks.

These programs have two main benefits: they can help you secure the future of your company by providing targeted incentives for customers.

Customers also love loyalty programs. They are 75% less likely to change brands and service providers to find a better deal. 

A majority of people will prefer brands that have rewards programs. This is a great way to keep customers engaged and engaged.

#3. Social Media Tools

The digital age is characterized by social media as a powerful engagement and cost-saving tool. This does not just apply to the traditional platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, or YouTube.

It is important to remember that you have the option of targeting other niche channels on social media when marketing your brand. There are sites geared towards women (Pinterest), and ones aimed at younger users (TikTok) which offer relevant examples.

Regardless of which social platforms you target, however, ideally you’ll be able to manage your tweets activity using scheduling tools like Buffer or Hootsuite. 

Canva or Pexels, social strategy tools such as Canva and Pexels, can help you launch and manage your social presence. 

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