DeepCharge, a startup building next-generation wireless charging solutions, has joined Enterprise Radio as CEO and Cofounder.

Hear to host Eric Dye & guest Yousof Naderi discuss the following:

  1. Please tell us more about DeepCharge.
  2. We would love to hear about your life and reasons for starting DeepCharge.
  3. DeepCharge is located where?
  4. People get frustrated by cord-based charging.  Please explain the reason your technology is so innovative.
  5. Please tell us about DeepCharge’s culture and values.
  6. Which motivating factor keeps you going?

Yousof NaderiDeepCharge is DeepCharge’s co-founder and CEO. It is the leading wireless charging company in the future. Yousof, who has more than twelve years experience in research and development for next-generation wireless communications and networking systems, is a key figure in the creation of large-scale and world-class businesses that include serial entrepreneurs as well as advisors and partners at universities as well as executive leadership positions in Fortune 500 companies. Yousof has a track record in strategic planning and the execution of transforming ideas into reality. He is well-respected for his ability to design and develop cutting-edge wireless projects.

Yousof was frustrated with current charging solutions and decided to create DeepCharge. In 2018, he founded DeepCharge with the aim of making charging more accessible than Wi-Fi. He also wants no cables or the stress that comes with low batteries. Yousof holds a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical & computer engineering, a Master of Science in computer engineering, and earned his Ph.D. in computer engineering.


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