The Method You Need to Increase Demand for Your Services

Charlotte’s Web One of the pivotal films for my generation. Charlotte was a loving and wise spider who used her web to help her. She also saved the life of another person with powerful messages that touched the hearts of everyone she wanted to.

Your personal brand can be compared to a spider web. You are Charlotte, grabbing people’s attention. How your personal brand works together with your message, presence, your SEO and your website creates an attractive web which calls to the core of your audience. 

The Spider Web Method’s key is to connect the dots between people. Make each interaction memorable and useful. That way when people search for you or the type of services you offer, you become the clear choice because you’ve built a relationship with them at each possible touchpoint of the web. 

How you’re seen

Everywhere you’re seen online (intentionally and unintentionally) impacts your value. That’s why it’s vital to show up consistently and in alignment with your brand values. Every post, each profile, every photo, and every website should convey the same message to your audience. 

Is your ideal client more emotional-based or logic-based? If your ideal client is more of an emotional decision-maker, you’ll need content that represents their feelings, their current situation, and their ideal outcome in a more story-based way.

If your client prefers logic in decision making, then they will need specific information with points A and B to help them think through the content. The foundation of your messaging is your “spider web”, which describes how your ideal client organizes information and makes decisions. 

Also, make sure your branding message and your bio are consistent across platforms. And don’t forget to customize each message to the specific platform and audience you’re interacting with at each moment.

Facebook users interact with content in a different way than TikTok. It is important to understand the preferences of your audience when it comes to interaction with content on any given platform. That will help make your content easily consumable—and when your content is easy to consume, it’s easier for your audience to take it in.

“A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.” – Seth Godin

Driving results

You now know the way your spider web attracts your visitors. Now you need to increase your success. First, ensure you are keeping your website content current. There are many things that can happen in life. It is easy for weeks or months to pass without publishing new content, updating your profile, or even updating it.

But it’s important to build this as a process into your business so that it’s easy for you to keep up with the content flow your people need in order to make a solid buying decision.

It’s as simple as posting useful content once a week, and then looking at your bio once a month to determine if there are any updates.

Another powerful way to help yourself is by making your self searchable. SEO isn’t the sexiest thing for us to talk about, but it’s important for you to show up in search when your ideal clients are Googling who to hire. You can do this by creating backlinks to connect online everything with one consistent email address.

It is important to have a professional-looking website. These links are your email addresses and these will be the URLs you use to build the website. This allows you to build a spider web that can reach far beyond your local social media networks so that you reach the ideal client. 


Speaking of social media, let’s talk about how this plays into your overall spider web to attract high-ticket, premium clients. You have the ability to attract more clients and be more than a business through social media. There’s an engagement factor your ideal clients get with you on social that’s not possible on your website.

You need to exercise caution. Don’t join every social media platform just for the sake of it. You should be strategic and only use those platforms you know.

Facebook, for example, might not be the most appropriate platform to connect with experts and business owners. LinkedIn can give you the ability to connect better if you’re focusing on B2B, especially with medium-sized to larger corporations. Facebook is great for connecting with coaches and entrepreneurs, but it may be harder to connect with decision-makers in bigger businesses if you’re a consultant. 

Be clear on your objectives and whom you’re wanting to speak to.

This quick guide will show you how to use every type of content for your brand promotion and expert marketing on the appropriate platforms.

  • Pinterest: Pin images, quotes, or ideas 
  • YouTube: Share short videos, reviews and information.
  • Facebook: Post short messages, search results and information about events
  • Register with Eventbrite to host virtual events
  • LinkedIn: Make short, 1- to 3-paragraph posts using images 

Make sure that all social media accounts link to your site and personal brand. That will help to make you even more searchable and support the other SEO work you’ve done.

When all these elements are combined, your web of clients will be your special spider web. It brings you to the top and helps you to stand out. It will be more efficient the more you practice it. Like Charlotte’s message became more appealing over time. The Spider Web Method will also make your messages seem better.

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