The Most Important Elements of Good Writing with Author Susan E. Atkins

Susan E. Atkins is a former journalist and media relations manager with more than 40-years of experience. She joins Enterprise Radio again. Never Again! is her heartbreaking tale. That brings to life the most heinous atrocity perpetrated by Americans against Americans in US history — the Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921.

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Hear to host Eric Dye & guest Susan E. Atkins discuss the following:

  1. We want to hear about your motivation for creating Never Again!? 
  2. How did the tragedy of the book come about? What motivated you to focus on the Tulsa Massacre of 1921?
  3. It took you how long to create the book. 
  4. What would you say about the characters of your book? 
  5. Are there any tips that you could offer new authors? 
  6. Your research was done where? 
  7. Your opinion on the essential elements of writing is what?  
  8. How does your book differ from other books that have written about the same topic? 
  9. Recently, you returned to Tulsa. Are you satisfied with the situation? If not, how can we continue to build a community that will benefit future generations. 

Susan E. AtkinsA retired professional in media relations with more than 40 year of experience.Experience includes teaching journalism at Tulsa University. She was formerly vice president at a Fortune 500 company and founded her media agency. This service caters to California’s booming biotechnology sector.Re she lived forty years. After selling the company, she retired from that business to join an international communications firm and is now living in the US Virgin Islands.

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