The New ABCs of Sales with Stacey Hall

Stacey Hall, founder of Success With Stacey Hall as well as the pioneering social media marketing program Go for YES has been helping thousands attract customers and sales. Enterprise Radio is also home to Stacey Hall. Her new book, Selling from your Comfort Zone: Alignment Marketing is out.

Enterprise Radio’s latest episode is in association with Author Channel.

Hear to host Eric Dye & guest Stacey Hall discuss the following:

  1. Why do you believe that everyone’s power is located inside of their comfort zone – not by getting out of it?
  2. Is there a Rubber Band Effect that you refer to in your book?
  3. How does the Alignment Marketing Formula increase sales and satisfaction?
  4. How can you get more people to say yes to your offer?
  5. You tell your readers to ‘ditch the script.’  What are they supposed to do instead?
  6. If Consistency is so important to sales success – and being consistent is one of the biggest struggles for most people in sales – what do you suggest they do to stay consistent?

Stacey Hall has helped thousands of entrepreneurs to increase sales, happiness, and achieve success. Her books are a bestselling bestseller, she is a TEDx speaker, and she is a top social media expert. Success with Stacey Hall is her founder. She also created the revolutionary social media training program Go for YES. This has enabled thousands to increase sales and customer satisfaction, as well as employee happiness and success. Her new book is, Selling from Your Comfort Zone: The Power of Alignment Marketing (BK Publishers, July 26, 2022).


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