The New Rules of Social Media Marketing

Maria Dykstra,  an award winning social media expert, influencer, author and speaker, and the Co-founder of TreDigital, an award-winning global agency joins Enterprise Radio.

Hear to host Eric Dye & guest Maria Dykstra discuss the following:

  1. What is the secret to your social media marketing success?
  2. Why is the “tried and true,” which some people might call “boring” social media marketing approaches more often the successful strategies?
  3. What can companies do to balance short-term growth and long-term, sustainable results in social/digital advertising?
  4. What are the best metrics to track – and how can tracking the wrong ones end up in FAILURE?
  5. Is there a mistake most thought leaders make regarding visibility in the marketplace and how can they avoid it?

Maria Dykstra is the “go-to” expert for helping successful executives transform their unique brilliance into a powerful Influencer platform. Maria aids emerging thought leaders to package their skills and communicate them. In 6-12 Months, many of her clients have been recognized as industry leaders.

Maria is more than a consultant. Maria walks her talk.

Following a 14-year career in marketing at Microsoft, Maria decided to leave. Maria is now a leading industry thought leader. Maria transformed TreDigital, her marketing agency, in just three years into a globally recognized brand. Maria’s advice is featured in Forbes, FOX News, Business Insider, Social Media Examiner and other top media. Maria was numerous times named Top Social Media Influencer.


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