The Next Level: Answering the Call to Change History

We all know that the past two years were very enjoyable. It is an understatement to say I’ve been very busy as someone who consults with and advises global leaders. Leaders from around the world contacted me when there was the global pandemic. They were worried about their future. It was crucial to allow them to express their fears and anxieties. I did my best to make sure they understood that there is great potential and immense opportunity at this time in history. I’ve seen into the next twenty years and the world will never truly be the same. Here are some tips and tricks to help you embrace the new level of success. Believing leaders don’t get bogged down in the past. Leaders who are innovative create the future!

Fear is the biggest enemy of the future. You just heard how many leaders are anxious and fearful about the future. Although some may call me an oddity, I simply believe that I am an optimist. Being a well-respected thought leader and prophetic voice I don’t allow uncertainty or the future to shake me. While the last two-years have not been easy, it is something I can accept. However, cultural and social factors cannot be allowed to influence my story. This means that you might not be in control of what’s happening around the globe. You still have control over what happens within yourself. You can silence your fear. What is the point of this? Fear can be your greatest enemy. Additionally, fear can be a currency like faith. What you believe in is what will make your life possible. Fear can either rule your life or dictate the story of your future. Fear can paralyse you and limit your potential. 

The ability to believe is an essential part of life. You will get blank stares and cynical glances when you talk about faith with people. But most people are unaware that faith is both an asset and a force spiritual. Faith or fear will determine what you attract to your life. As such, fear and faith are both magnets. To silence fear in your life you must starve it. You don’t have to ignore fear. We are often trapped to failure and frustration when we fail to acknowledge it. But, when we confront our problems we’re empowered to overcome them. My life was forever changed by a revelation about faith I made many decades ago.

Faith can be described as a spiritual principle or a spiritual law. A principle provides you with a path that leads to success and results. That is, I can repeatedly apply the principle and get results in every area of my life. In the end, faith became a muscle. How much money you put into feeding your faith will determine how strong it is. We all feed something. There are only two ways to live. You can choose to respond with faith or fear. Fear can always cause your life to go backwards and lead you into a cycle of regret. 

Your faith will propel you forward, and it can be the catalyst to embracing your prophetic destiny. When you have faith in yourself, you can eliminate all doubt and take control of your destiny. Resistance is the key to any muscle’s strength. Opportunities to overcome obstacles and achieve new levels of living are the best.

“A vision is not just a picture of what could be; it is an appeal to our better selves, a call to become something more.” – Rosabeth Moss Kanter

It is impossible to move into the next phase of your life without experiencing crisis. The global pandemic that rocked the globe reminded me of the message I’ve been delivering for many years. Crises are a treasure. Many people associate crisis with a negative meaning. Most people view a crisis to be a disturbance or disruption in their life. 

A crisis is a tool I consider a development tool. It can help you reach new heights and unlock endless possibilities. The way you view crisis is going to impact the amount of progress and changes that you make in your own life. So many people I speak with say that they are eager to get to the next stage of their lives. They start to fall back into mediocrity when they face adversity. 

You will have to face a crisis in order to reach the next level of your life. You can use a crisis to help you grow and move into the next dimension. You don’t need a crisis to make you miserable. You can see a crisis as a catalyst that leads you to growth, transformation and mastery. The way you view crisis will determine how successful and powerfully promoted you are. 

Vision is essential to reach the next level. We look back at the past two years and see great change, uncertainty, and turbulence as we enter the final days in 2021. Globally, I’ve been telling clients that this year has seen one of the most significant shifts and pivots ever recorded. All things have changed in the world. 

This vision for the next 20 years was what I saw. It represented the transformation of all industries, systems and institutions. Vision is a key skill that must be acquired in the new era. Although we may have some understanding of vision, many people don’t live their lives with any real vision. It is a dangerous thing to live with no vision. 

Unfortunately, living without vision will always make you a casualty to someone else’s vision. Let’s face it, as we move into 2022 and beyond I challenge you get a clear view of what your life looks like. Vision gives us clarity and focus in our lives. It also helps us to set our intentions for the day. Vision gives us the ability to make every moment of our lives a mission. Vision is the strongest form of currency in the world. Vision allows you to be able to see and partner with others to create a future that will not come to pass.

 The world is desperately in need of visionary leadership. Visionary leaders instill hope, inspire dreamers and mobilize those who are committed to promoting change.

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