Top 7 Foreign Languages to Learn in 2022

All of us want to master a foreign language. It isn’t easy to find a student these days who isn’t attempting to acquire one or more foreign tongues in addition to their native language.

Learning a language is no more a pastime but rather a requirement for survival in today’s competitive world. Multilingualism or being polyglot is always better than monoglot. Did you ever think about what language or dialect you should learn? Let us help make this as easy as possible.

Learn the top seven foreign languages

foreign languages to learn

We have gathered a checklist of the seven most beneficial languages to learn and why they’re valuable in this article.


Spanish is second in popularity after Mandarin. Therefore it’s no wonder that it’s at the top of the list of languages to study.

Spanish is a language that many people know well. This opens up opportunities in Spain and Latin America, including Ecuador, Paraguay and Mexico. Spanish is essential with the world’s second-largest economy and a Hispanic population expected to treble by 2050.


French, Europe’s second most frequently spoken language, is predicted to grow in popularity post-Brexit. Because of its widespread usage, especially in emerging economies it is a strong language.

French is the second-most spoken language in Europe, thanks to France’s colonial history. This history has made French more widely spoken outside France than it is within France.

Forbes predicts that by 2050, there will be over 750 millions fluent French speakers around the globe. It is easy to learn French for English speakers.


The country’s size, rising economy, and natural riches illustrate its corporate attraction. Moscow also has the largest number of billionaires per capita in any global city.

It is the eighth most common language in the world, with its roots being found in Central and Eastern Europe and Russia. It’s second in Internet content usage after English and accounts for most of the European internet content.

Russian is typically one of the most difficult languages to master. Many exceptions exist to the complex grammatical rules.


Arabic is extensively utilized by parts of Africa’s and the Middle East’s expanding and dynamic economies. It’s ranked fifth in terms of most likely spoken languages around the globe. The fourth most used language by internet users is Arabic.

Because of diplomatic and possibly economic benefits, Arabic has also made its way onto the British Council’s list of critical languages.

World Economic Forum ranked Arabic fifth in terms of international influence and potential.


English is your gateway to the whole universe. The language has grown to be a global language. English has become more than a language that can be learnt; it’s a tool we use every day.

Non-native English speakers are far more common than native English speakers. Half the information on the internet can be found in English, however.


It is believed that there are 80 to 100 million German speakers. Because Germany is one of the EU’s largest economies, understanding the language looks to be essential for business success.

Being the UK’s most important trading partner, Germany is also the second-best exporting market for goods. Therefore, it is important to learn German.

A UK survey found that over half of German-speaking respondents regard German as a useful language.

7.  Mandarin

With over one billion Mandarin Chinese speakers worldwide, it’s no surprise that it was of the top languages to study in 2020.

Although most Chinese speakers live in China, China is rapidly becoming a global power. This makes it more important for companies to hire Chinese-speaking staff members. Global corporations are increasingly looking for Mandarin-speaking CEOs in the last year. Although it isn’t the easiest language to learn for English-speaking people, the advantages outweigh any difficulties.

No matter the obstacles, you will be motivated to learn no matter how many.

You will find many opportunities, no matter if you are looking to make new friends or transact business in Mandarin. Why not try learning a different language in 2022?

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