Top 7 Places to Visit to Adore Architecture

The importance of architecture has made it a major source for tourists as well as international travel. Landscapes and architectural input in a region add “Aesthetic Value” and the “Indulgence Levels” of an area. Studies show that architecture has an infinite impact on a country’s tourism prospects, economy, and growth of society. 

Today, some of the best architectural highlights include “Innovative Architecture” depicted by towering skyscrapers and other modern constructions that bring together beauty, quality use of materials, proper technological application, and boasts of best execution plans. In addition, you can visit online casinos via Register at True Blue Casino Mobile and play poker while you’re in Rome, Dubai or Japan. You can also enjoy beautiful architecture in many other places such as the US and Japan.

These are some of the places:

  • Marrakesh is Morocco
  • Tokyo, japan 
  • Barcelona in Spain 
  • Palm Islands, Dubai 
  • Incheon, South Korea airport

Marrakesh is Morocco

Marakesh is Morocco’s one-stop shop for all designers. The city encourages one’s design instincts from the colours that illuminate the city and architectures that are “A Sight to Behold.” Architects can visit the Koutoubia Mosque or the Minaret Tower that goes up to 253ft into the air. The striking and beautiful traditional stonework, with its magnificent arches, is inspiring. 

The museum “Musée Yves Saint Laurent Marrakech” or (the mYSLm) received the title for the “Best New Public Building” award by Design Awards, a British International design magazine. The museum’s association with Yves Saint Laurent artwork is what makes it even more attractive. The museum also has an auditorium as well as an exhibit space for artists and researchers. 

If interested in historical architecture, visit the ‘Masterpiece of World Heritage, a name given to the Djemaa El Fna by UNESCO back in 2001. The Djemaa El Fna is the city’s main square and plays home to the largest Madrasa class in the country. With its foundation dating back to the 14th century, the madrasa is a landmark in history.ThCentury. 

Tokyo in Japan 

Tokyo is considered a “Fresh Start” or “A Rebirth Place” to people worldwide, especially the Japanese. This term refers to the many bombings that have decimated the city but the fact that it still stands and continues growing. Sensoji Kannon is one of the most beautiful places you can visit in this country. Although the temple was destroyed by fire, it still looks great since it’s establishment in 645AD. Friday Magazine says that there is a mixture of both traditional and modern architecture in the city, which can be seen by the neon-colored skyscrapers as well as historical temple designs. 

The simple sight of the Nakagin Capsule Tower will convince you that architecture is capable of accomplishing anything. Japanese architectural professionals say the inspiration for the building design was from a principle built upon “Mimicking Natural Plants or Organisms.” The Inner Trip Reiyukai modern temple is architectural that most professionals indicate that it “Defies Precedent” but remains relevant and flawlessly integrates into its environment. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Offices are the most important architectural landmarks to see in Tokyo. There are three distinct phases to the building, with connected walkways for pedestrians. They follow similar patterns. 

Tokyo’s tower, with its iconic red designs, is still a strong symbol of Tokyo. Although it’s smaller in size, it rivals the Eiffel tower and stands taller than the Parisian tower. 

Barcelona in Spain 

Barcelona represents the “Perfect Destination” for architectural places to visit. The city is the birthplace of the famous architect “Gaudi.” Architectural designs in the town include the La Sagrada Familia that many describe as “Gaudi’s centrepiece.” The professional provides a great combination of architectural prowess using colours and nature-inspired designs. Plus, the distinctive and meticulous planning that goes into the city’s overall design by Engineer Ildefons Cerdà is something to behold. An aerial shot can give a proper definition of the “Avinguda Diagonal” that connects the entire city and can take you anywhere and everywhere in Barcelona. Another attractive feature is the Gothic Quarter, which has buildings that date back to 14ThCentury. However, The city’s quarter surrounding the buildings is a more recent architectural phenomenon built early in the 19thOr 20ThCentury. 

Palm Islands, Dubai 

The Palm Islands of Dubai are a perfect example. This artificial architecture is a masterpiece and a worldwide wonder. They not only capture the attention of architects, but also make them a delight to visit. Tony Kettle (an architect who was involved in the construction and maintenance of the Palm Islands) stated that the design concept was inspired by a combination of Islamic geometry as well as organic structural forms. His emphasis is on the combination design with the incorporation of water in form of canals, a central basin and other forms create attractive environments which can maximise the usage of the site. He quotes that the inspiration was from “Nymphea or Water Lily and resembled the large flower sitting on a reflecting pool.”

Palm Island spots the only “7 Stars Hotel” in the entire world, popularly known as the Burj Al Arab hotel. Modernism at its finest. The Palm is home to over 4000 residential villas. There are 60 hotels on it. An appealing factor is that the artificial islands also come with “Aquatic and thematic Parks” and other entertainment centres, including theatres, spas, and sports facilities. Many also term the Palm Islands as an “Oasis for Luxurious Tourism.”

Incheon Airport South Korea

Dubbed the “Best Airport” seven times in a row, no one can discredit this specific fact. Incheon Airport, South Korea holds the title for seven straight years. Airport Council International granted the title because of its traditional design. The roof mimics the Korean Temple. It is an iconic and popular design worldwide. The airport design also incorporates futuristic elements, such as the inclusion of technology facilities like ice skating, golf court, online casinos that offer free pokies and ice-skating. Based on customer attention and importance, Singapore has been awarded the top position. What remains is the “Architectural Jewel” that many would pay to view even from afar. Incheon Airport, a truly architectural marvel, is worth a visit when in South Korea. 


The architectural marvels of the globe are a place one can love and visit. Some of these are the core of architectural design. Others remain mysterious. Some of these phenomena are the Statue of Zeus on Olympia, Giza’s Great Pyramid and Temple of Artemis in Ephesus as well the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Other notable examples include the Colossus of Rhodes and the Mausoleum of Halicarnassusus. Modern architects admit to admiring the architecture of places they love and finding inspiration. The most popular are Palm Islands in Dubai, Marrakesh in Morocco, Incheon’s airport in South Korea, and Barcelona in Spain. These architectural gems are worth a visit!

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