This pastiche poem is a tribute to the Past and a call for the Possible.

Krista Tippett created On Being twenty-five years ago. This podcast has become a favorite among listeners all around the globe. It started out as a tiny local radio program. For her efforts, President Barack Obama awarded the National Humanities Medal. As she shared her universe with us, millions gave her their hearts.

It’s a historic moment On BeingIts transformation into its next form and Krista’s life as a human being going through all stages of human development.

The Reasons to BeMaria Popova

For the occasion, and in honor of it, I searched through the On Beingarchive, to make a pastiche of twenty lines using episodes titles from the past 20 years.

This is it, and each line links to the episode from which it was taken:

There are TWENTY reasons to be happy

Take note of the rage
notice the silence —
Silence and presence
        of everything:

Small truths
        and other surprises
What we cultivate
How we deal with loss
        saved by the beauty of the world

Looking for language
        large enough
A life worth living

when no question
        seems big enough:

what if we get this        right?

this tiny slice of eternity —
mathematics, mystery,
        and the universe —

This amazing argument is
                        of being alive.

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