Two Moguls, One Family Business With Dynamic Reach – Standing Out Cross-Industry and Launching The Big Plan Podcast

Josh and Tara Joseph, founders, CEO, and CFO, respectively, of Big Plan Holdings, are Enterprise Radio’s new hosts. This diversified holdings firm has an interest in Real Estate, Cannabis, Entertainment, as well as the Philanthropic Sectors.

Hear to host Eric Dye & guests Josh and Tara Joseph discuss the following:

  1. We would love to hear about your motivations in founding Big Plan Holdings. Also, why did you choose Nashville for headquarters and your home?
  2. One of the major industries where Big Plan Holdings has reach is most certainly, among your steer in hospitality, music, entertainment, real estate, is cannabis – How do you as entrepreneurs negotiate the tightly regulated and complicated legal landscape, especially when each state has different rules?
  3. You recently held a Cannabis Live Chat, which I believe you moderated, Tara – Can you tell us what came from it and where the issue of deregulation stands in Tennessee at the moment? Do you believe there is more to be done?
  4. You have started your own Podcast, The Big Plan – can you tell us what it’s about and your ambitions for starting it?
  5. Just as you’ve stood out in other saturated markets, how do you plan to make your podcast stand out? What makes your podcast the best choice for listeners?

Big Plan Holdings was founded by Josh Joseph, and Tara Joseph. Josh runs the company’s executive office, while Tara manages the financial operations. The Nashville-based family holding company has investments in many industries.

BPH has a vision to help incubate business ventures, as well as forge strategic investments and joint venture partnership. The company’s founders are passionate about mentorship for young entrepreneurs.

Josh is a commercial real estate broker who has facilitated transactions worth over $1.0B over his entire career. These deals were completed in 40 different states. 

Tara is the co-founder and CFO for BPH. She also serves as the CFO for Edgehill Music Publishing, Amulet Society and American Paint. 

She comes from an extensive background in fashion design and senior-level retail management, working with companies such as Nordstrom and Claire’s Accessories. 

Tara founded “It’s So Tara” an upscale resale boutique in the Chicago metro area. Her other creations include 3rd Eye Hi – a women’s lifestyle subscription box Company. 

Tara served as the fundraising coordinator for the Stevenson High School Foundation and the Illinois District 102 Parent Teacher Organization President for well over a decade. Tara founded the Amulet Society, which empowers women. 

Tara, who is the Chief Financial Officer of BPH alongside her husband Josh, looks for new business opportunities. She also plays an important role in business acquisition. 


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