What You Need To Know If Your Thinking About Moving To Malaysia

What You Need To Know If Your Thinking About Moving To Malaysia

Malaysia is an amazing country, with beautiful landscapes and a rich cultural heritage. It’s also one of the fastest-growing countries in the world. If you’re thinking about moving to Malaysia, you might have some questions. Whether it’s related to living conditions, culture, or finding the right home, this article will help you with what you should know before travelling to make your transition smoother.

Visa application

Getting a Visa can be a big step, but it’s something you have to do before going. There are many Malaysia visa options available. The best way to figure out which visa is best for your travel plans is by doing research on the government website about what type of traveller you are and what type of visa suits your needs best.

The Best Places to Live

You must decide where you want to live before you travel to Malaysia. Do you prefer a large city that offers many job possibilities or a small town with more options? It’s up to you. But if you’re planning on making your way in Kuala Lumpur’s job market, for example, living near many of the city’s major landmarks might be best for you. You might prefer a more laid back lifestyle and not have as easy access to transport and jobs. If this is you, consider moving outside Kuala Lumpur and Penang.

The Right Home

One thing you’ll want to know about before moving is what type of home you’ll need. Sometimes, it might be possible to purchase or rent a home that meets your requirements. There are many types of property in Malaysia. These include apartments, villas and townhouses. 

PJ Midtown in Malaysia is a popular development. It offers luxury living at its best and a variety of amenities just steps away. PJ Midtown is located in Petaling Jaya and boasts chic properties from one to three bedrooms to suit everyone’s needs. For more information, head over to PropertyGuru to explore the PJ Midtown for rent.

How to Bring It

Many expatriates have difficulty deciding on what to bring to Malaysia. There are some essential things that you need to bring when you move to Malaysia. But don’t worry if you forget something; the cost of living in Malaysia is low, which means that there are many items that can be found for less than you would at home. But there’s also no harm in bringing a little bit of everything with you just in case. Other essentials include your tablet or laptop, chargers and an adapter. You’ll also want to bring anything from home that reminds you of your culture or personality, as this will help to make your new home feel like home.

How to settle in

It can be difficult to settle in after moving overseas. Adjusting to a different culture can be difficult. There are many languages and customs. When it comes to Malaysia, you can typically expect many people to speak Malaysian Standard English at work, but outside of that setting, you’ll need some basic vocabulary in Malaysian Malay. Take advantage of any orientation programs offered by your company for newcomers. They’ll help you get accustomed to the country before you’re on your own.

Looking for a job

If you’re going to be moving to Malaysia, the first thing you might worry about is finding a job. In Malaysia, even though there are opportunities for ex-pats, it can be difficult if you don’t speak English or Malay fluently. However, there are many ex-pat communities in Malaysia, so it’s easy to find someone who speaks your language and understands your culture. Family members who are Malaysian may be able help you to find employment. There are many ways to find work if you don’t have family in Malaysia, like through websites such as LinkedIn.

How to Have Fun

Malaysia is a country with lots of things to do for fun. From diving in the ocean to exploring one of the country’s many rivers, you’ll never be bored. Bungee jumping is one of the most loved activities in Kuala Terengganu. Malaysia also has some of Asia’s most beautiful beaches. If you’re looking for an adventure, there are plenty of treks and mountain climbing routes you can try. You can also go exploring in one of Malaysia’s many caves or take a boat trip up the river.


It’s never easy to move to a new country. Malaysia is one the most friendly and inexpensive countries in the world. You will find plenty to do and meet many people, as well as plenty of work opportunities. 

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