Why An International Business In Italy Is Not Out Of Reach

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While international business can be a dream, it is not easy. The cost of conducting market research can easily be prohibitive. To buy, rent, or hire employees, you will need to invest a substantial amount. You will need to invest even more in immigration costs. It is easy to believe the impossible. You may think that the goal is impossible to achieve if Italy becomes your destination for global business. This is a great route for investors. These professionals will help you navigate the process without causing any financial hardship. We will explain how it is possible to start an international company in Italy.

You can get started with very little investment

Even though it may sound difficult, the Italian investor visa’s investment section is much easier. You have multiple options to explore, and the minimum you require is €250,000 for an innovative startup. Another option that runs in thousands is an investment worth €500,000 in an established company. You may pick other alternatives like a philanthropic donation worth €1 million or purchasing Italian government bonds of €2 million value. Businesses with limited budgets should consider obtaining a minimum amount.

Your family will not need any additional investments

If you establish a business abroad, your family will eventually move to that country. You can obtain your loved ones by immigrating to the country with an investor visa. Only you will need to prove that your family can provide for them while they are in Italy. You only need to provide proof of finances to allow them to move in, which makes it simple to settle down and set up shop in Italy. 

Fast processing saves you money

Business owners know that time is money and don’t want to wait for their immigration paperwork to be completed. The investor visa, which takes only a few months to complete, is one of most efficient routes. There are not many steps or documents you need to collect. Collaborating with an expert professional can make things easier as they are able to spot errors and avoid omissions.

Apply at the local consulate

You can also apply to your local consulate for the Italian investor Visa. Online application for nulla-osta is possible. You can also apply to the consulate in person for the second stage of the investor visa. You can imagine how much money you could save on travel costs. You do not have to pay a lot for accommodation.

Only after you have obtained residency can funds be granted

You do not have to stop there. As you don’t need to bring funds, your investment will be secure. The nulla Osta is granted to you if you can provide a valid bank statement proving that you have sufficient funds for the investment. After you arrive in Italy, your residency permit and have received the nulla osta, the real financing will be available. The deadline for bringing the deposit is three months.

These money considerations make it possible to obtain an Italian investor visa. With this alternative immigration, you can easily reach Italy to pursue your business interests.

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