Why Can’t I See Comments on Instagram?


Instagram is one our most loved social media sites. It allows people to connect with old and new friends, and even helps them reconnect across the oceans. 

The comment section is one of Instagram’s best features. You can leave feedback and compliment others on their work or appearance, as well as ask questions. You may find it annoying to open Instagram and not be able to see individual comments. 

In this article, we will walk you through explanations behind some of the reasons you can’t see comments on Instagram. We’re also going to help you figure out a few ways to see comments again. If you’ve been tearing your hair out by trying to figure out why you can’t see comments, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 

Let’s take a closer look. 

8 Reasons Why Can’t I See Comments On Instagram

No Comments Under Someone’s Post

The most common reason why you are unable to view comments on Instagram is that the page owner may have removed comments from a post. The page owner might have disabled comments on all posts, so that nobody can comment on the photos, videos or reels. Therefore, you can’t see comments on that Instagram page because there may not have been any comments, or the page owner disabled the comment section after receiving as many comments as they saw fit. 

Can’t See Your Comments on Someone’s Post

If you commented on someone’s post, they might have deleted your comment from their page. It could be because your comment used language that the page’s owner thought was inappropriate. Instagram account administrators often filter the comments section in order to provide certain details. Your comments might be removed if they do not correspond to their comment goals.

Poor Internet Connection 

If you can’t see your comments on someone else’s post, it could be because your internet connection is slow. Your internet connection is slow. This could be the first and most obvious reason. You might find that your internet connection or mobile data slows down and prevents you using Instagram fully. In this case, comments are not displayed in real-time. Restart your data. If it’s slow, you may be able see comments in Instagram later after restarting the app. Your data may still be too slow. Switch to a nearby WiFi connection and your comments should appear. 

Servers are down

When you can’t see comments on Instagram, it is usually because Instagram’s servers are facing technical difficulties. While there isn’t much you can do, you can exercise patience or switch to a different social media app while waiting for Instagram to restore itself! 

There are no comments 

Sometimes, you can’t see comments on an Instagram post purely because there aren’t any! Depending on who the account’s holder is and the type of content that they’re sharing, it could take a little time for the account to reach its followers. You might not see any comments on the post when it is posted. 

They Filtered out Offensive Comments    

If you can’t see comments on Instagram, it is often because the account owner might have filtered out and removed offensive comments. Instamers are known to put offensive phrases or phrases in their comments. The owners can filter these out, or even remove them entirely. For example, a post aimed at children might have some swear words in the comments, which means that the page is likely to remove comments that children shouldn’t see. 

Insta Has A Bug 

Instagram might have a bug that prevents you from seeing comments. Sometimes bugs can prevent certain features of apps from working properly. This is what happened to the comments section. All you have to do to fix the problem is: 

  • Open the settings app and select Apps. 
  • Next, you will need to click the Instagram icon in the Apps section. 
  • Click the ‘storage’ option. 
  • Once you’ve opened the story option, click on the ‘clear cache’ and ‘clear data’ buttons. 
  • Once you’ve clicked on those two options, you should be able to clear the bug on your own. 

However, if the instructions given above don’t help, we’d recommend that you close Instagram and try using it a few minutes later.  

You’ve Been Blocked By Instagram From Commenting.

Sometimes, Instagram blocks people from commenting on posts because they might think that you’re a robot. They might think that you’re a robot because you could have commented on several posts in a row or multiple times on the same post. You might be temporarily banned from commenting on certain posts. It is possible that you have commented on inappropriate words or phrases and your account has been removed from the commenting section. 

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Comment Not Showing up on Instagram

Now that you have made sense of why you can’t see comments on Instagram, here’s a list of methods to try that might help you solve the comments problem. 

Install the most recent version of Instagram

The most simple answer can often be the best. You don’t have to panic about the inability to view comments. Simply go to your smartphone’s app store to update Instagram. There’s a good chance that the lack of comments could be because you haven’t updated Instagram for a long time, and old bug fixes are still affecting you. You will be able see comments once you have updated the app to the latest version. 

Start the Instagram app

You can also restart Instagram to resolve the problem. You can follow these steps to solve the problem as described below. 

  • Open the settings app and select Apps. 
  • Next, you will need to click the Instagram icon in the Apps section. 
  • Click the ‘storage’ option. 
  • Once you’ve opened the story option, click on the ‘clear data’ button. 
  • Once you’ve clicked on that option, you should be able to restart Instagram in its original state, the way it was when you first downloaded it on your phone.

Delete Instagram & Download Again

If restarting the app didn’t work, you could try deleting Instagram and downloading it again. This might sound like an inconvenience but it is worth the effort. This is an easy way to resolve your issue quickly and can help you view comments again. 

Log out and then log back in

Another solution is to logout and log in. Logging out is the best solution for a problem that might arise from the app’s inability to work properly. Make sure that you remember your password so that you don’t have to reset it and waste time! 

Improve Internet Connection

When using social media apps, your internet connection is crucial. If you’re using your mobile data and can’t see comments on Instagram, try using WiFi instead, and vice versa. Ensure that your internet connection is strong so that the app doesn’t lag and hide comments from you. 

Clear your Instagram cache

This is how to clear your Instagram cache: 

  • You can go to your settings app. 
  • Locate Instagram under the ‘Apps’ option. 
  • Select the clear cache option. 

Once you’ve cleared your cache, you should be able to see comments once again. 

Post your comment

A great tip is to repost your comment. If your net was slow or the app was lagging, there’s a chance that your comment might not have gotten posted. Retype it and post it again, and you’ll be able to see it. 

Please leave comments

You might be considered a bot or spammer if your Instagram account is frequently commented on. Instead of commenting all the time, we’d recommend you comment less by spacing your comments out over a week or ten days. This will allow you to view comments more easily and keep your account from being flagged. 

To comment on Instagram, use a VPN

You can download VPN (virtual private network) if you have no other options. This will enable you to move your country to another one, so you can comment from any other location. The VPN also hides your IP address, thus tricking Instagram into believing that you’re using another device.

Reset Network Settings 

Your network settings can be reset to restore your Bluetooth, VPN and WiFi settings. To reset your network settings on your phone, go to Settings and then click Reset Network Setting. Once you’ve reset the settings, you should be able to see Instagram comments. 

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How can I see Instagram comments hidden? 

Click on the option that says ‘View Hidden Comments’ at the end of your comment section, and you can see the hidden comments. 

What is the best way to see only a few comments on Instagram? 

Click on the option that says ‘view all comments on your Instagram post, and you can see the limited comments. 

Why can’t I see the comment I left on a post?

It is possible that your network was slow or that the comment wasn’t posted. 


We’ll walk you through the reasons why you can’t see Instagram comments, and how to solve it. Even though this is a hugely annoying problem, we’d recommend that you try out the methods mentioned above so that you can solve it quickly!

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