Why Roof Binoculars Are Great For Stargazing

You might assume that for anyone taking part in astronomy as a hobby, an expensive telescope is essential. However, you may well be surprised to learn that often, a good pair of Celestron landscout roof binoculars are more than up to the task, and thanks to their affordability, can help newcomers to the pastime, get started. 

Bulky and a pain to set up, telescopes are often expensive, too, making astronomy a hobby for the wealthy. Binoculars, on the other hand, are lightweight, affordable, convenient and easy to use, with no prior experience necessary. 

There are several advantages to choosing roof binoculars over a telescope when it comes to stargazing, and listed below are three of the main benefits:

  • Price

There can be no doubt that a telescope is a significant investment for anyone to make, and if you’re an amateur stargazer, you may not think it sensible (or have the funds available to you) to purchase a telescope that you might not even get a lot of use out of. For many who are just starting out on a hobby, they are never sure whether it will be something they wish to do for many years to come, in which case investing in it, isn’t always wise. Much better to pay for something like binoculars that won’t break the bank, and then if you decide that occasional stargazing is going to turn into a full-on astronomy hobby, you can always upgrade to a more expensive pair of binoculars, or even a telescope. 

The affordability of binoculars also means that a group of people can easily stargaze together with a few pairs, and for much larger groups, they can be passed around and shared. 

  • Usability

In the majority of instances, most people are more comfortable stargazing using both eyes, rather than having to squint with one eye, using a telescope. This makes Celestron UPCLOSE G2 roof binoculars ideal, especially for a longer stargazing sessions when your eyes are likely to get tired, along with your neck! Easy to hold and use, binoculars are also more comfortable for younger ones wishing to stargaze, who may feel intimidated by the size of a telescope, and not be able to use it properly due to their age. 

Additionally, thanks to the wider sky afforded to the user of binoculars than the user of a telescope, objects of interest may be much easier to spot and train the eye onto. The wider view also gives stargazers a much clearer sense of perspective and of how close one object may be to another. 

  • Convenience

When you compare the effort required to carry a telescope from a to b, and the time it takes to set it up (not to mention maintain it in between uses), to how easy and quick it is to grab a pair of binoculars and start stargazing, it’s easy to see why they’re such a firm favourite of so many when it comes to astronomy.

Heavy, and often needing to be mounted on a tripod, telescopes are simply impractical when it comes to going on camping trips beneath the stars and other outdoor activities, when compared to ‘grab and go’ binoculars.  

So, if you’re wanting to do some impromptu stargazing and don’t want to invest in a telescope, roof binoculars are the ideal, affordable alternative.

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