Why You Have To Find Your Purpose Now

You are defining your purpose. It’s time to detach from the idea that it’s too much of a floaty concept and that it will magically show up, because, every moment waited is a moment wasted, and each wasted moment degrades your clarity of purpose. You must discover your purpose for living. It will take time. Not just a few months, not even years. Get started right now. 

The worst thing that can happen here is that you will learn, so – if I were you – I wouldn’t be too worried about it. In fact, don’t worry at all.

People who live extraordinary lives and have made their own success are the ones you see. They didn’t wait for money, not for ease, not in their relationship, not for security. All these individuals have one thing in common. They feel the most fulfilled when they are able to offer what is possible to them today. 

As the world will always present you with (unforeseen) challenges, you can either live fully, giving the gift right in the midst of those challenges, or you can wait for an imaginary future, which will never come if you don’t make a core shift in your awareness and devotion.

Life is an experience. It’s a journey to discover your authentic self so that you can give back to the world. Your life purpose will help you live a more conscious, richer life. Your mission should be your priority and until you don’t discover this deep purpose and live it fully, you will feel as if there is something missing, a gap that cannot be filled, because there is no utmost satisfaction and groundedness with that you seek to fulfill. 

As Seneca would say: “If a man doesn’t know the harbor that he is heading for, there is no right wind..”

When you open yourself up to living at your edge, that is a place outside the comfort zone, your deepest purpose will slowly come forward, because it’s where creative thinking, true genesis, comes in. Transforming from the core requires prior discomfort. To uncover your deepest and most meaningful purpose and to transform yourself, you have to step outside of the safe zone. It takes courage, effort and determination to break out of your comfort zone. It takes a goal-oriented, purposeful mindset to accomplish this.

The deeper layers around your innermost core are being pulled back, which is a step closer to the fulfillment of your highest desire and purpose. You will also be able to fix many of your relational and emotional problems by analysing your purpose and realigning it.

You do this. It is a full-body approach to the task. You give your best, and you don’t hold back. 

“Knowing your life purpose is the first step toward living a truly conscious life. A life purpose provides us with a clear goal, a set finish line that you truly want to reach.” – Simon Foster

Once you do this, your focus will follow. You will find it easier to concentrate on the things that matter to you and what is important to your goal. You will understand it’s the intrinsic devotion to revert around waves as you – the sailor – put the purposeful effort into everything you think, do and simply are. Commitment flows to you and you’re right at the edge of your chair, passionate about creating the fulfillment of your purpose. Your integrity and authenticity grows and you’re allowing yourself to live a high value-based life. You are uncovering layers that align with what you think and do. 

As a result, your environment admires your commitment and what you can offer in your service to others; you’re doing what you really want to do and you deliver your contribution to the world. Your love of what you do, learn and share with others is infectious. With everything you are doing on a day to day basis, learning about, giving to people, offering in situations, events and circumstances, it’s been dipped in the sacred chalice that is your purpose. You can feel fulfilled when you live a meaningful, complete life.

Then, comes the next phase of uncovering layers.

Let’s not forget we’re human beings. We all experience human emotions. These emotions include anger, sadness, judgement, frustrations, disconnection and dealignment. It would be torture for you to believe that these emotions were never to your advantage. Try to see it that way. There is a reason. If you complete a lesser purpose (one of your layers) with 100% success along the way, it won’t feel as fulfilling as you think it is going to be. 

Adversity in your emotions – that is the full spectrum – is the preparation for advancing toward a greater embodiment of your deeper purpose. You must be disciplined to stay true to your purpose. Every purpose you find in life and every mission that you are given, should be lived fully. As you reach the end of a layer, you will experience emptiness, boredom and it doesn’t feel like you should continue with it. This is the sign you’ve fully uncovered that layer and it’s then time to let go of it, for you to start uncovering the next. 

Don’t mistake this for a sign of failure or that you’ve chosen the ‘wrong’ direction. You are learning. Learning from the emotions you feel most vulnerable, and then allowing yourself to discover deeper parts of yourself. You will find that even difficult situations can lead you to growth.

Connect to your intention for achieving what you truly desire. It’s what unfolds your deepest purpose, it’s your conscious way of living to fulfill that purpose that prevents you from getting lost and off-track. It is important to be aware that all aspects of your life, such as diet, work, or professional, have to be connected to that higher purpose. This will allow you to share it with the world, to be a guide for others.

You can wrap it up.

You are able to make a difference in your success by starting today and never stopping. It’s when you come to understand what makes you come alive, what it is that you want to breathe life into. 

If you’re pursuing both your primary and secondary goals, then you will be in your element. When talent and skill combine with passion, substance, and meaning it is called “the fusion of talent and skill”. It adds value to your life and brings joy toward professional and personal fulfillment.

Keep yourself disciplined and on the track of purpose with every task you do, but don’t forget the grand and deepest purpose while you pursue the smaller tasks of your daily life, as you will reduce yourself to a machine of little significance.

It is worth more than you think. In fact, you’re limitless.

Get started today and unlock that potential.

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