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Working for Mr. Cooper: Current and Former Employees’ Experiences

Mr. Cooper is a people-first company, paying special care to their customers and those who make the magic happen, their employees. Industry observers and employees, both former and current, recognize the company’s dedication to creating an accommodating and empowering workplace. 

Unsurprisingly, the company of more than 9,000 people has seen its efforts rewarded with its certification as a Great Place to Work in 2019, 2020, and 2021. Here’s a closer look at why employees think so highly of Mr. Cooper and how the company has built a workplace that people love being part of. 

Why Employees Believe Mr. Cooper is a Great Place to Work

Employees have a lot to say about Mr. Cooper, ranging from compensation, which provides the “best base in the industry,” to an understanding approach towards the evolving nature of remote work. 

Gushing over their “Great!” experience, one reviewer in a Loan Officer role describes the company as follows: “Amazing place! Training is great! They pay for all your expenses to be licensed in multiple states and pay you while you get there. It’s extremely productive and helpful with our needs!”

A former employee confessed, “I loved my job,” citing Mr. Cooper’s “great pay,” “401k and good insurance,” “flexible hours/” and the presence of a “cafeteria in the building.” Another reviewer on Indeed who worked as a Vendor Associate said, “My time has been great. Very supportive and friendly. Open communication, diversity, opportunities for growth, floating holidays, and positive work environment.”

Many people have spoken about the great culture at Mr. Cooper, with one reviewer noting, “Everyone is always trying to help each other. They offer floating holidays and not hard to get time off. They want [you] to be the best [you] can be and always don’t mind if you ask questions, and [co-workers] are always there for you.”

Another, citing the company’s flexible remote work arrangement, praised the company’s “Work from home flexibility.” They said, “the training was work from home for 6 weeks. After that, the job is on-the-job training. The part-time position is great for moms or students.”

One reviewer, who worked as a customer service representative, said, “While I worked at Mr. Cooper for a short time, I enjoyed my job role there. My team was amazing, and our managers were the bomb, always helping when I needed assistance.”

On Glassdoor, one reviewer, a current Loan Officer, called Mr. Cooper a “great company to work for,” saying the company helps keep a “long-term career in sight,” and there’s “good payout plus bonus.” In addition, the company received five stars each on Culture and Values, Career Opportunities, Diversity and Inclusion, and Compensation and Benefits. Although this reviewer noted that there are a “ton of metrics to meet,” this can translate to hard going at the company. 

Another Glassdoor reviewer who has worked at Mr. Cooper for over three years as a Digital Learning Analyst said, “The Talent and Development team under Jennifer Callaway as the captain has been one of the most inspiring and efficient leadership I have ever been under. Great work family, work-life balance, benefits! HR department is very spoiled.” While the review noted sub-par pay compared to industry standards as an action point, they were very emphatic that Mr. Cooper’s environment and culture “more than makes up for it.”

Creating a “home-centric” workplace 

The COVID-19 pandemic profoundly impacts the way companies and employees work. However, Mr. Cooper responded by becoming “home-centric,” supporting the transition of team members to remote work, while ensuring everyone’s health and wellbeing remains top of mind. 

Mr. Cooper Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, Angela Greenfeather noted that this unique work arrangement focuses on giving team members the support to work remotely, while building on the values employees have come to expect from the company. “Our Great Place to Work survey showed year over year the importance of fairness, credibility and respect [to employees],” Greenfeather says, “and that’s how we moved through the pandemic – prioritizing the health and wellbeing of every team member.”

That’s why a Glassdoor reviewer cited Mr. Cooper as “extremely efficient in home-centric work environment since COVID started.” They said the company has a “great work-life balance” and an “abundant amount of resources to get the job done.” “Best job I ever had!” declares another reviewer. “EXCELLENT compensation! Work from home – remote position,” they conclude. 

Great employees deserve a great workplace

Just as customers reward companies that put their interests first, people love employers that show their commitment to employee wellbeing. Mr. Cooper has seen the reward for its efforts with a three-time certification as a Great Place to Work, polling an 87% majority in its 2019 survey, according to the National Employee Engagement Study. 

Notably, the survey, and the consequent award, is based entirely on responses from company employees about their experience working at Mr. Cooper – and the results speak for themselves. Amongst respondents, 91% submit that they are made to feel welcome on joining the company for the first time. Another 89% say “management is honest and ethical in its business practices”, and 89% say they have the resources and equipment to do their job. 

In the words of this Mr. Cooper Customer Service Representative, the final verdict is: the company’s “management is very supportive and all about making sure not only the customers are a priority but the Associates as well.” Who wouldn’t want to work in a place like this?

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