Zach Bair, longtime musician with a new hit single, “The Great Divide”

 Zach Bair a longtime musician with a new hit single, “The Great Divide” joins the eMusician Podcast Show. He was also the co-founder and CEO of RockHouse Live.

Hear to host Eric Dye & guest Zach Bair discuss the following:

  1. With your latest single The Great Divide, you really did it. It’s a great time to be alive with all the happenings in the world.This is very appropriate. Let us know what you think about this song.
  2. What age were you when your parents first told you that you wanted to be a musician? How did your family react to you becoming a musician?
  3. Let us know how you got into the music industry, what it was like to work in music tech and what that means.
  4. RockHouse Live can be yours. RockHouse Live – What does it mean?
  5. Was ist das?This is the message you wish to send our listeners The Great DivideIt is possible to hear it.

Zach Bair, president and CEO at VNUE, Inc., DiscLive Network/RockHouse Live Media Productions, Inc., has been a lifelong tech and business entrepreneur, musician, and a respected expert and speaker on new media and revenue streams within the music industry. He’s an audio and video production expert and is a voting member at the Recording Academy, which hosts the Grammys.

He is the founder and former CEO and chairman of Immediatek, Inc. (IMKI), a high-tech company he took public, and prior to that, founder  and former CEO/CTO of Voyence, which raised over $12m in venture capital during itHe was the founder of RockHouse Live International and managed to sell it to EMC Corp.

RockHouse Live was founded by him. The restaurant is a live music and dining venue with a lot of growth.

Bair is well-known for commercializing and implementing the infamous Bair Act. instant mediabusiness model and acquiring pioneer DiscLive. The Pixies The first tour, which brought in more than $500K of revenue within a matter of weeks, was Bair’s. Bair led acquisitions, including Moving Records, which was a rival, and many other companies, technologies, etc.

Bair and the board of his directors sold Immediatek, to Mark Cuban. Shark TankFame after achieving numerous successes in the technology and immediate live space. The bair also retained the right for the continuation of the DiscLive format.

Bair-aligned RockHouse Live Media Productions EMI Music Under the Abbey Road Live brand, and on UniversalBair rebranded the Live Operation after it was purchased by EMI DiscLive NetworkHis team was highlightedS identDiscLive’s pioneering spirit, brand strength, and trust are the hallmarks of its brand.


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