A Must-Read Guide for Avoiding Burnout

Burnout. We’ve all been there. It happens to all “workaholic” entrepreneurs like you and me. But please allow me to provide a reality check: You’re It is notA machine. And regardless of how much you think you’re like Gary Vaynerchuk, you need to take breaks in order to function at maximum capacity. You can’t be a constant hustler and not take a break. That’s why it’s called a “break”. Because if you don’t eventually stop, that’s exactly what will happen. It will all end in disaster!

Below are 5 easy steps that can help you prevent burnout.

Step 1: Create a sustainable work schedule

It is best to schedule your work around breaks and not the other direction in order to prevent burnout. Now to be clear, I’m not saying “don’t work hard”. I’d never tell you that. Instead, it’s to be sustainable in your work.

Also, prioritize breaks in the same manner as you would prioritise your work. For example, LinkedIn’s CEO, Jeff Weiner, schedules two hours of breaks throughout each of his workdays (in 30 to 90-minute blocks). Which breaks are you scheduled for each day?

“Burnout is what happens when you try to avoid being human for too long.” – Michael Gungor

Step #2: Practice Gratitude

If you’re reading this, you have eyes. Be grateful for them, some people don’t. Reminding yourself of what you already possess is crucial, as gratitude awakens a sense of genuine abundance. Be grateful for every blessing in your life. A grateful mindset is key to happiness.

Step #3: Recall Your Why Power

Why are you doing what you’re doing? You go that extra mile to get up at a reasonable hour, keep your eyes open, and stay awake late so you can work round the clock. Only once you’ve answered this question will you have isolated your “why power”.

Are you looking to take the time out of your life and retire with your parents? Are you determined to make a fortune and fund research? You might consider compiling a list with all of the items you want to do. whys and re-read them whenever you’re feeling low on energy (you’ll know when the list is long enough when you read it and feel recharged).

Step 4: Meditate Twice Daily

If there is one thing you can take from this article it should be: Meditate, twice daily, 20 minutes (per session). Meditation is something I do twice a day. Meditation compounds, and can be a transformative activity. You’ll experience unparalleled clarity by activating your brain’s “reset” button, which will allow you to focus on your work and get infinitely more done in a fraction of the time.

Like all things worthwhile in life it takes consistency. To help with getting on a consistent schedule, I’d highly suggest purchasing a physical calendar and making a big red “X” on the days that you meditate. What is the longest time you can meditate in one day? If you’re new to meditation, I’d suggest starting with 10-minute sessions and using a guided video (Youtube’s one I love!The Chopra Center

“Your mind is a powerful thing. When you filter it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change.” – Buddha

Step #5: Remember That You’re Going To Die

Newsflash: You’re dying. You’re not going to be here forever, so stop acting like it. I don’t know how old you are, but I’d please ask you to take a quick moment to teleport to age one-hundred. You can close your eyes and try this.

As you’re on your deathbed, do you have regrets that you didn’t accomplish your goals, leave a legacy, and serve more people? Do you still have dreams that aren’t realized? You can now teleport back into the present moment by opening your eyes. Alright, now go make it happen — and avoid that dark future from occurring!

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