The Golden Prison, a Thriller by Attorney Paul Sangillo

Attorney Paul Sangillo who has been practicing law since 1997, specializing in corporate, real-estate and transactions joins Enterprise Radio. He is the author The Golden PrisonHe was drawn to the many fascinating stories and characters that he heard as a young legal professional.

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Hear to host Eric Dye & guest Paul Sangillo discuss the following:

  1. A long-standing attorney, but also a new successful novelist. Did you ever know you wanted to become an author?
  2. It is thrilling, suspenseful and packed with action. What inspired the characters and plot of The Golden Prison?
  3. What was the time it took to complete the writing and get the book published?
  4. The law student faces long, exhausting hours at school and constant work. This is compounded when they get out of college and start working. The book was full of fascinating information. Please tell us how students and young attorneys handle these stressful conditions and what you think your role is in this.
  5. I was left wanting more from your ending. Are you planning to continue writing about them?
  6. Which tips do you have for new writers?

Attorneys have for the first time shared the grim reality of young attorneys and law students as they work long hours, many resorting to drugs. 

Sangillo is also able to brilliantly invent one of literature’s most iconic themes, with the portrayal of a character who, as a student of ethics, finds himself escaping the harsh realities of poverty into the rich, gold-encrusted, and jaded world that exists in a huge corporation. 

It is an unpredictable, fast-paced journey through The Golden Prison that tells a tale of rags to riches. Drugs, murder, and exquisite love scenes in a romance that may change everything, blend with the young attorney Jeff Rhode’s code of honor, as he faces extremely dangerous situations at his new firm. 

The Golden Prison serves as a warning to ambitious students entering the workforce to be wary of the slippery slope of doing “just one more” unethical thing to get ahead or survive in the cutthroat world of business.

Jeff Rhode is sure to keep you on the edge of your seats as he confronts the riches and tries to be compassionate while following the law. 

The Golden Prison is a riveting story of one young lawyer who battles to remain honorable – and alive – in the midst of a corrupt, multi-billion dollar company that may be guilty of murder. 

Your attorney will change the way you look at him/her forever!



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