Disruption in the Marketplace with Erin Heit of Golden Grail Technology Corp.

Erin Heit, the Chief Marketing Consultant for Golden Grail Technology Corp. and a corporate development and brand marketing innovator with 20 years of experience working with publicly traded companies to build investor interest and growth joins Enterprise Radio.

Enterprise Radio’s episode with the Beverage Industry Channel is available.

Hear to host Eric Dye & guest Erin Heit discuss the following:

  1. Golden Grail strives for innovation in the beverage sector. How does this translate into concrete examples?
  2. Market disruption. It is important to understand what it is and why it is so significant.
  3. Please tell us briefly about Golden Grail, and its business goals.
  4. Does Golden Grail have a formula that determines what constitutes a successful acquisition?
  5. Your career has taken you to many successful brands of beverage. Why are you so confident that Golden Grail will succeed?
  6. When you talk about business success, could you tell the crowd what you believe is the best recipe for success?
  7. It seems like your strategy is paying off. Interested potential investors should be in your strategy now.

Golden Grail Technology (OTC: GOGY)The company is growing quickly and has a strategy to innovate, grow, and streamline its beverage portfolio’s growth through responsible investment. It targets companies with proven sales records, loyal consumers, strong value propositions, and retail presence. Golden Grail is actively looking to acquire brands from emerging beverage markets, including energy, flavored and sparkling water as well as bottled spring water. The diverse product portfolio we offer is appealing to multiple lifestyle groups and demographics, which creates an exciting, varied and extensive beverage portfolio.

The company uses a variety of technologies after an acquisition to use its financial techniques, business knowledge, and manufacturing process know-how to enhance the performance and economics of its brands while increasing marketing and distribution. The company’s focus on sophisticated management and development of beverage brands, coupled with its rapidly growing and recognizable portfolio of healthy, functional beverages sets Golden Grail apart as a leader in acquiring and advancing existing beverage brands.

ERIN HEITHe is an expert in brand marketing and corporate development. Over 20 years, he has specialized in the creation, development, positioning, branding, and sale of national and international consumer products.  It comes down to development  Erin is a skilled professional in developing businesses, financial management, brand building, and branding. Erin also has a track record of success especially within the beverage sector, where she worked with well-known brands like Celsius, FUZE and Vitaminwater. These companies were in the early stages of their development and she assisted with their brand positioning and distribution. Her involvement in the acquisitions of two brands by Coca-Cola, for over $4 billion and $200 million, was significant. Celsius was built by Erin as an integral member of the investor-favorable team. Her contribution to creating the compelling story that investors wanted, and resulting in the formation of a successful and strong publicly traded entity on NASDAQ. Erin’s years in beverages were not enough to make Erin a successful marketer for publicly traded companies.

Erin’s reputation is for building strong marketing teams and creating and implementing strategies that guide businesses to launch or grow. Her beverage-focused career means that she is always on the cutting edge of emerging brand trends. 

Website: https://goldengrailbeverages.com

Special Report about GOGY: https://goldengrailbeverages.info

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