Important Lessons to Be Learned From Anna Delvey

With the latest Netflix binge show hitting screens, there is not one person who hasn’t heard the name Anna Delvey of late. Anna Delvey came to my attention many years ago, when I was browsing through a news site. The pretend German Heiress managed to swindle thousands of dollars from America’s elite, and sure, while I in no way support her methods of making money, I couldn’t help but wonder how she managed to pull it off for as long as she did. But, more than that, I was thoroughly impressed with the belief she had of herself and the ‘fake it till you make it’ approach.

Either success or failure

Our belief system plays a major role in how successful or unsuccessful we are in all aspects of our lives and in life. After spending the last few years coaching clients on how to overcome their self-limiting beliefs and harness the power of the mind, it was no surprise when I delved deeper into the brand that has become ‘Anna Delvey’ that I realised she was, in fact, using a similar approach to get to where she wanted to be. No, my coaching company isn’t fostering criminal masterminds that will help people achieve their goals.

But credit where it’s due, Anna Delvey had the confidence and belief system that most people can only dream of.

Be confident in yourself

To achieve your goals you must have faith in yourself, and the courage to do so. If someone sets themselves a goal but then gives up when they see defeat coming, it isn’t mastered. The first step in living the life you desire is believing in yourself.

As a young graduate, it was many years ago that I wanted to work in the exact field I had chosen. Surprisingly, to cover my expenses until I got into the field I wanted, I ended up working in customer services. Listening to people complain about every little thing was my day. A lady called me one day to report that their children were making too much noise in their backyard, which I can still recall. Is that really possible?

Don’t lose faith

While the role I was working in could’ve made me question my existence, I focussed on my bigger goals. It was a faith that I could get there and I knew it would happen. Guess what? I succeeded! This is the lesson for you. Do not allow temporary losses to undermine your faith and doubt your ability. Focus on the end goal and be confident in your capabilities, you’ll get there.

“Successful people have fear, successful people have doubts, and successful people have worries. They just don’t let these feelings stop them.” – T. Harv Eker

Be free from your worries

Fear can also be a barrier to success and a solid belief system. Fear can be the cause of failure and hold people back from reaching their goals. Fear of failure, not being able to complete a task, and the fear that you might make a mistake are all things that can hold an individual back from achieving their goals. Richard Branson said: If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you’re not sure you can do it, say yes- then learn how to do it later. 

And guess what, he’s right.

Fear should not limit your ability to learn. There are many opportunities for you to grow if you let go of fear and make a leap into faith.

Don’t let others’ opinions dictate your decisions

Everybody has an opinion about someone or something. You might have an opinion even of me based on the articles that I write. Whatever the case may be, it is crucial to have healthy boundaries with those around you, including the faceless trolls on social media if you’re in the public eye. You must realize that opinions others hold about you will be based on what image they have made of you. You see, you can’t control what an individual may think of you, but you can control the opinions you have of YOURSELF! So, just like you wouldn’t drink poison and allow it into your body, don’t let the negative thoughts of others into your mind.

It is important to be honest with yourself about what you are capable of doing.

You can achieve great things if you put your mind to it and have a strong belief system, just don’t go around trying to defraud America’s elite of thousands of dollars or try to achieve your goals by other means of illegal activities. One thing is for sure, though, love or loathe ‘Anna Delvey,’ the one lesson you can take away from her is how you can bring your goals into reality with a strong belief system.

Anna Delvey: Important Lessons from Success originally appeared at Addicted 2 Success.

Anna Delvey: Important Lessons to Learn from Anna appeared first at Addicted 2 Success.

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