You’ll hear:

  • Why is this?Be compassionate with yourselfAs they are with each other.
  • HowSelf-compassion can be motivating
  • The importance ofself-appreciation
  • Meditation practicesLet’s get started with self-compassion


Do you judge yourself harshly? Do you feel that it’s natural for people to be kind to others, but difficult to do the same thing to yourself? Are you tempted to self-criticism in order to get the results that you desire? Kristin Neff is my Smart Talk guest. She’ll discuss the increasing body of research showing that if we want our goals to be achieved and our mental health to improve, we must be kind to ourselves.

Kristin Neff

She is currently Associate Professor of Educational Psychology at The University of Texas at Austin. She was a pioneer in self-compassion research and conducted the first empirical studies about self-compassion a decade ago. She is the author of numerous articles and chapters in academic journals on the subject. Also, the book “Self-Compassion” (The proven power to be kind to yourself) was published by William Morrow. The 6 CD audio set “Self-Compassion Step-by-Step” was released by Sounds True. She has created an eight-week training program called Mindful Self Compassion with Dr. Chris Germer and also offers workshops on self-compassion around the world. Learn more at

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