Marc Wolfe: Understanding Executive Coaching

You are constantly told by the world that it is impossible. Even your closest friends will tell you it’s impossible. Others are too focused on their lives and believe you can’t. You will start to live your life instead of theirs the more you believe this. Marc Wolfe


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Understanding executive coaching

Do you value feedback? Would you like to make better decisions? Do you wish you could get objective feedback from someone outside to challenge your ideas? Perhaps you simply want to be more successful in your leadership role. Today I want to discuss the idea of coaching. While professional coaching is increasingly accepted, many people, including myself, don’t understand the roles of coaches or how they can help you in your career.

Marc is a certified executive coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF). He is passionate about helping businesses and executives achieve greater success using his knowledge in communication, business processes and technology solutions.

He is Chief Thought Provoker, coach and coach. His systematic approach provides clarity, direction and results, while giving rise to new perspectives through strategic, intentional thinking. Marc A. Wolfe views the business world with a vision of where it could be and where it is. Marc A. Wolfe developed the Action Accelerationstrategies from his professional experience as a consultant with creative thinkers and corporate executives.

Marc started six businesses as an entrepreneur. Four of them he started before he turned 28. Marc has provided assistance to Fortune 500 clients in 18 US states and three other countries. Becton Dickinson and Toys R Us are just a few of the clients.

McKinsey & Company contacted Marc for his strategic insights. He was also quoted by and CMP Media.

He co-authored a book called “Yeah but… A Guidebook to Moving Life Forward and Leaving Alibis Behind”

You can learn more about Marc at:

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