Mary Beth Baptiste: Altitude Adjustment

Mary Beth Baptiste is the guest on Smart Talk Episode 092. She will discuss:Excerpts of her book that sum up her overall message to readers.

How her research as wildlife biologist convinced that animals feel and suffer the same way as humans.

Altitude Adjustment Are you driven to do something that you haven’t yet achieved? Are you unsure how to begin your dream, even though it may seem scary? This isn’t your typical smart talk interview. I invited someone who had followed her lifelong dream. Mary Beth Baptiste, author and biologist, was the person I invited. I was impressed by her courage, honesty, and her beautiful memoir about the power of the human mind. In the 1990s, she moved from her home on the east coast to begin a job as a wildlife biologist at Grand Teton National Park. Her memoir traces her journey from her roots in Portugal in Massachusetts to Wyoming’s rugged mountains. She is an award-winning author who has had her work published in many periodicals and anthologies.

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